While most of the world's coconut oil (2 Million Tons) is manufactured in large factories, the coconut oil we sell is handmade within an hour of opening the coconut, and is cold-pressed in small batches in the Pacific Islands.  The highest organic quality oil is produced in an ethical, fair trade, and sustainable manner.



With large companies, the journey of the coconut from the tree to final product can take months, from beginning to end. The coconuts are gathered in vast amounts, dried, and stuffed into bags. Once bagged, they are transported to a port where a large cargo vessel will ship the bags of coconuts to an industrial oil mill. To extract the oil, large-scale, high-pressure may be applied with expensive equipment. If the oil produced is low quality, it must be refined, deodorized, and bleached to make a commercially accepted product.

Unlike large companies, we partner with Kokonut Pacific and bring the process to the coconuts. The direct micro expelling process takes small, village-appropriate, sustainable technology to the village, empowering the coconut farmers and producers. The focus is to produce small batches that can be managed in a day. 


Daily batches allows us to open up a coconut and produce oil within an hour. This process reduces the risks of pollutants and contaminants without having to ship coconuts to a distant manufacturing plant.

Niu Pacific coconut oil is created from wild-harvested coconuts, from organically grown trees. This coconut oil is certified organic and fair trade, and is handmade to provide our customers with a superior, high quality product.